Goofy teeth

Goofy teeth, also referred to as overjet, are teeth that stick out when you smile. When this condition is present the front two teeth tend to protrude over the bottom set of teeth, and this can have a negative effect on one’s self-confidence and social life. Nowadays, there are a range of orthodontic appliances that are able to provide positive results for people with goofy teeth, including the likes of Invisalign, Inman aligner and fixed braces.

What is the cause of goofy teeth?

For the majority of people, goofy teeth are hereditary and most people will require dental treatment to remedy it. However, there are certain habits that can make the situation worse; sucking your thumb will cause the teeth to push forward, and using a baby bottle or dummy for a prolonged period of time during childhood can also contribute to goofy teeth. Parents can prevent the onset of goofy teeth by simply preventing these bad habits from developing in the first instance.

Why is it important to treat goofy teeth?

Goofy teeth usually cause individuals to feel self-conscious when they smile and this may affect how they feel and behave in public. Treatment can give people much more than a better looking smile; it can also give them a confidence boost, which can make a huge difference to their personal and business lives. Goofy teeth can also bring about problems related to the jaw and other teeth. This is because, when there is no contact between the upper and lower teeth, increased pressure is placed on the surrounding teeth. Goofy teeth can also have a negative effect on chewing and can even cause some degree of speech impediment.

How is the condition diagnosed?

Your dentist will be able to identify any signs of goofy teeth during your routine dental check-up, or you can choose to visit a dentist of your own will to have your teeth checked. The initial consultation is the stage at which examination and testing will be performed. As well as carrying out a manual examination, the dentist will likely perform an x-ray to discover the extent of your goofy teeth.

How are goofy teeth treated?

It is best to treat goofy teeth as early as possible and there is now a range of different treatments to choose from. Some treatments are only suitable for mild cases, including the likes of 6 Month Smiles braces and the Inman aligner, while more complex cases can be treated using Damon braces or Fixed braces. In order to have your goofy teeth treated it is recommended that you visit a dentist or orthodontist for an initial consultation. This is an opportunity for the dentist to examine your teeth and recommend a suitable treatment, while also giving you the chance to ascertain whether you and the dentist work well together.