Buck Teeth

The condition of buck teeth is one whereby the front teeth protrude. Also known as an open bite, it sees the front teeth on the upper arch stick out beyond the lower set of teeth. For the person, this can be a difficult condition to bear with, both in terms of aesthetics and adverse effects on functionality. However, there is now a range of treatments to solve this issue, including advanced systems such as 6 Month Smile braces and Invisalign invisible braces.

What are the effects of buck teeth?

Buck teeth will have an adverse affect on the aesthetics of the smile, as well as making teeth appear larger than normal and generally causing the front teeth to stick out beyond the lower teeth. Many people with large front teeth feel self-conscious when they smile and most will have been the butt of jokes in their time. Aside from aesthetics, buck teeth can also place increased pressure on the other teeth, because the upper and lower sets of teeth do not align properly. In extreme cases, buck teeth can actually have an effect on the act of breathing.

What are the causes of buck teeth?

Buck teeth may be inherited but, more often than not, the condition is made worse by certain regrettable habits, such as sucking your thumb and using dummies for a prolonged period of time during childhood.

What treatments are available for buck teeth?

Buck teeth can usually be treated fairly easily, though it is best to treat the condition as early as possible. Still, many adults are now choosing to treat their buck teeth due to the range of discreet, advanced braces systems available. The best treatment for buck teeth is wearing an orthodontic appliance, with possible treatments including fixed braces and Damon braces (for severe cases), the Inman aligner and 6 Month Smile braces (for minor cases) and also Invisalign (for mild to moderate cases).